Monday, August 24, 2009

Projects, Pain, & Procrastination...

I'm currently in the process of sanding an old dresser that was pretty unappealing to me. The only reason it's stayed around so long is because it's extremely heavy, & it has lots of drawers! I have LOTS of "stuff" LOL.
I have also started a project using the wonderful pillow cases from the previous post...that one is turning out great! I just need to get a couple more things to finish it off...*hint* it's also "furniture".
Now for the "procrastination" part...I'm usually in some sort of pain on a daily basis, the major cause of it would be the 2 herniated & 1 torn disc in my lower back. Some days it's OK, & by "OK" I mean I don't feel like ripping my spine out LOL...& some days the best I can do is wake up & not much else...which seems to be the norm lately.
I go to the Neurologist today...not much hope with that seeing as how I'm one of the Millions of uninsured Americans!
...this blog isn't about that though so I won't bore you with any further ramblings on the subject!
Will post pics soon of either finished projects, or my progress.
Have an AWESOME day!!

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