Monday, August 31, 2009

Blogging & the new washer...

This blogging thing is a little "harder" than I thought it would be. Maybe the fact that I think I have "Creative ADD" might be the reason LOL! Another reason might just be that this was my boyfriend's house for about 20 years, he lived alone for the majority of that time & he could give a rat's ass about any kind of decorating lol. Umm, there's still curtains that his ex wife made 15 years or so ago in the upstairs bathroom that we basically use as a storage closet! I have had my work cut out for me for the last few years to say the least! Between him, "this old house" the dog, & 4 cats I kinda fell like I have all five kids living with me again...haha. The cleaning & organizing is like a never ending process!
I do need to get things organized, & prioritized though at least in my creative area (yeah, like that will ever happen) so I can get more projects finished in a timely manner. I won't even attempt to put a pic of my "creative space" here yet...ugh, it's a disaster! I did have all my fabrics folded really pretty at one point, that lasted about a week or so.
Anyway, got the new washer yesterday...
All the laundry is done, it's nice to see the bathroom/laundry room floor again. 
I still can't believe the deal we got, it's only a year old, has like 33 settings, is super quiet, & energy efficient...woo hoo!!!
Wish me luck with getting something done today! 
p.s. Just for fun here's a pic of one of my other grandchildren...
It's Jaida Milan Amaya & she was born on May 25th (she's grandchild #5)
She's so freakin cute! I haven't seen her in person yet, she lives in Minnesota :-(

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A little something creative...

Although I haven't sewn that much at all lately, & my refinishing projects are taking a while I still managed to be a little creative today. I felt like drawing!
Soooo...After I paid a guy $73 this morning to tell me that the washer was going to cost about $500 to fix...the rest of the day was pretty laid back
(with lack of sunshine topped off by rain) ,
so I worked on some drawings I had begun a while ago...
(seems to be a trend with me, lol)
I'll probably post some pics of my drawings at a later time.
The length of time it takes me to upload photos to the computer & then to the blog is insane!! Hopefully one day I will have a shiny new computer to work with!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here's a little sneak peek at the dresser project...

This is one of the top 3 drawers...they all had a PLASTIC face to them & after further inspection I realized they were only held on by 6 screws.
Took them all off, now there's 3 less drawers that need sanding!
It's a bigger project than I've done in quite a while, but it's fun & I have some funky ideas in mind for the finished version!

New Grandson!

While at my doctor appointment yesterday my youngest daughter called & said she was heading to the hospital to deliver my 6th grandchild. I met her there & after 4 hours of labor...
here he is
Joseph Danny
9lbs 11ozs, 21 in.

Babies are so wonderful...I sat with him on the chair in her room & he fell asleep on my shoulder for a while.
Holding a new life in your arms makes the entire world disappear, & you truly know what the most important things in life are!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Projects, Pain, & Procrastination...

I'm currently in the process of sanding an old dresser that was pretty unappealing to me. The only reason it's stayed around so long is because it's extremely heavy, & it has lots of drawers! I have LOTS of "stuff" LOL.
I have also started a project using the wonderful pillow cases from the previous post...that one is turning out great! I just need to get a couple more things to finish it off...*hint* it's also "furniture".
Now for the "procrastination" part...I'm usually in some sort of pain on a daily basis, the major cause of it would be the 2 herniated & 1 torn disc in my lower back. Some days it's OK, & by "OK" I mean I don't feel like ripping my spine out LOL...& some days the best I can do is wake up & not much else...which seems to be the norm lately.
I go to the Neurologist today...not much hope with that seeing as how I'm one of the Millions of uninsured Americans!
...this blog isn't about that though so I won't bore you with any further ramblings on the subject!
Will post pics soon of either finished projects, or my progress.
Have an AWESOME day!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Thrift-tastic Finds...

2 really awesome pillow cases...the colors make me happy!

2 Summer dresses that will be refashioned...

A skirt made in India...I love everthing about it. It fits me, but I have other things in mind for it!

1 piece of stretchy pink lace fabric, 1 stretchy black with shimmery sequinns...

1 pair of Capri's, & 1 bikini top...

1 dress that I would NEVER wear, but I'm turning the bottom into a skirt minus the is my favorite color...

Finally...our "new" sofa for only $14...wooohooo! I love thrift shopping! Now to decide on new curtains!
(the boy decided he wanted to be in the pic as well...LOL)


Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Post...Party Time...Excellent...LOL...

So here we are, glad to be getting this first post out of the way. Now the real fun can begin...LOL
Today is the usual thrift day, hopefully I will have tons to show you when I return from my adventures.
Wish me luck!