Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Passion for Paisley!

A set of beautiful Wall Sconces...
I can already picture these on my wall!
(Picture is from Apartment Therapy)
How about this fun Paisley Dachshund handbag
(image from My Designer Handbag)
This chair can easily be recreated with some Paisley fabric & a little skill
  (Chair image from Spent Saturdays)

A lovely Paisley Vase 
(Image of Vase from Furniture From Home)
An adorable Paisley Goddess Sundress...
I love the color combination of the fabric, I will definitely be looking for some paisley fabric soon!!
   (Paisley Goddess Dress from The Pyramid Collection)...they have some pretty AWESOME stuff!

I'll be posting more Paisley Passion soon...I can't get enough!!


Let it Shine said...

Hi! You have some serious eye candy on here. I love the paisley dog, and sconces!!!

Take care,

Max California said...

Wow! I do love me a little paisley, but I've never seen it used in such a way before! The dog is the cutest, but those sconces MUST be mine!