Monday, August 31, 2009

Blogging & the new washer...

This blogging thing is a little "harder" than I thought it would be. Maybe the fact that I think I have "Creative ADD" might be the reason LOL! Another reason might just be that this was my boyfriend's house for about 20 years, he lived alone for the majority of that time & he could give a rat's ass about any kind of decorating lol. Umm, there's still curtains that his ex wife made 15 years or so ago in the upstairs bathroom that we basically use as a storage closet! I have had my work cut out for me for the last few years to say the least! Between him, "this old house" the dog, & 4 cats I kinda fell like I have all five kids living with me again...haha. The cleaning & organizing is like a never ending process!
I do need to get things organized, & prioritized though at least in my creative area (yeah, like that will ever happen) so I can get more projects finished in a timely manner. I won't even attempt to put a pic of my "creative space" here yet...ugh, it's a disaster! I did have all my fabrics folded really pretty at one point, that lasted about a week or so.
Anyway, got the new washer yesterday...
All the laundry is done, it's nice to see the bathroom/laundry room floor again. 
I still can't believe the deal we got, it's only a year old, has like 33 settings, is super quiet, & energy efficient...woo hoo!!!
Wish me luck with getting something done today! 
p.s. Just for fun here's a pic of one of my other grandchildren...
It's Jaida Milan Amaya & she was born on May 25th (she's grandchild #5)
She's so freakin cute! I haven't seen her in person yet, she lives in Minnesota :-(

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